Adolescent Pathway

DBT Hybrid 2024

Flexible DBT Training for Busy Practitioners and Teams 

Welcome to the DBT Hybrid Training 2024
(Adolescent Pathway)

We are proud to introduce a 9 month process that allows practitioners to choose from introductory, advanced and externship level DBT training to treat adults and adolescents. This course outlines the DBT for Adolescents Pathway.

What is the training process?

Hybrid DBT Training 2024 was designed for mental health professionals who want to:

1. Learn more about DBT
2. Grow in their ability to treat multidiagnostic, difficult-to-treat adolescents
3. Implement a standard DBT program

The training process allows flexibility, based on the desired level of training and time constraints. So, join the DBT Hybrid 2024 journey live, on-demand or do both... HYBRID.  

Level 1: Core

Level 1 consists of a 8 sessions across 4 days of training. DBT in Practice with Adolescents introduces DBT case formulation and modes of treatment. Adolescent DBT Skills Crash Course, provides an overview of the skills used in practice with adolescents.  

Level 2: Advanced

Level 2 is advanced level training and previous training in DBT is a requirement. The focus will be on DBT processes and skills involved in individual therapy and how to start and run DBT skills groups. 

DBT in individual therapy with adolescents  consists of an initial 1 day workshop. This is followed by the option to choose from DBT for Depression and Anxiety and DBT with Neurodivergent Adolescents for an additional 1 day workshop.

The 1 day Start and Run Adolescent DBT Skills Groups workshop focuses on the practical skills to develop and implement a DBT skills program for adolescents.

choose 1 Elective (only part of DBT hybrid 2024):

Level 3: Externship

Level 3 consists of 2 parts. The focus is on implementing the elements of a standard DBT program.

Part 1 (1 day workshop) is about addressing challenges from Level 2, phone coaching, consult groups and an orientation to the DBT externship.

Between part 1 and 2, participants will be  expected to either write up a DBT case from individual therapy or implement a DBT skills group. There will be 2 peer supervision opportunities during the 3 month interval. 

Part 2 is about peer supervision, masterclasses and "filling in the gaps" in your implementation of DBT.

Peer supervision: Adolescent DBT Skills Groups

Peer supervision: Adolescent Individual therapy

ADolescent PATHWAY

Our Core Faculty for Adolescent DBT Training

Werner Teichert

Clinical psychologist (MAPS) FCCLIN) and founder

Werner is a clinical psychologist based in Sydney, Australia at Mindsight Clinic. Over the last 7 years he has completed Behavioral Tech's Intensive training twice and founded The South African DBT Institute and DBT Central. Werner has extensive experience in the development and implementation of DBT programs and has trained over 2000 mental health professionals in DBT across Southern Africa and Australia. 

Dr. Kam Wong

Child, adolescent and family psychiatrist (FRANZCP)

Dr Kam Wong is a highly respected Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist. Kam has over 30 years of experience and sees patients across the entire life span from early childhood to adulthood. Kam is a regular speaker at Mental Health Conferences and Seminars both in Australia and overseas. Dr Wong is the director of Healthy Mind Concepts, which provides educational and self help resources accessible to the wider community

Dr. Terry Lim

Psychiatrist (FRANZCP)
Dr Terry Lim is the Director of the Mindsight Clinic. He has experience and expertise treating a wide range of mental health conditions. As a pioneer in the effective treatment of patients, he has been at the forefront of pioneering programs to increase access. He is also an Honorary Lecturer with the Macquarie University Medical School and coordinates medical student teaching at Mindsight Clinic.

Karmen Hutton

Clinical Psychologist
Karmen Hutton is a clinical psychologist based in Cape Town, South Africa. She has worked in  several clinical settings, including Weskoppies Hospital, Sterkfontein Hospital and Private Psychiatric Hospitals. She was trained in DBT by The South African DBT Institute in 2018-2019. Her area of special interest is using DBT with adolescents.