Level 1: DBT in Practice 

Level 1 training provides an in-depth introduction to our pathways of DBT for Behavioural Dyscontrol, DBT for Adolescents, DBT for Adult ADHD. Our custom pathway for medical doctors include training for GPs and Psychiatrists.

Choose your pathway:

  • DBT for Behavioural Dyscontrol
  • DBT for Adolescents
  • DBT for Adult ADHD
  • DBT for Medical Doctors

Choose your DBT pathway:

Tailor your training based on your area of interest

Fundamentals of DBT

Training that focuses on the different DBT modes of treatment for multiple behavioural targets, including those associated with personality disorders, mood and anxiety disorders.

DBT with Adolescents and Families

Training that focuses on different DBT modes of treatment for Adolescents and Families. These include individual therapy, skills training and systemic interventions.

DBT for Adult ADHD

Training that focuses on different DBT-informed modes of treatment for Adult ADHD. These include individual therapy, skills training and coaching.

DBT for Medical Doctors

Training that focuses on using DBT in medical practices. This includes understanding the DBT framework, the modes of intervention and using DBT in brief sessions.

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Werner Teichert

Karmen Hutton

Dr. Pansy Lai